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  • Note when you see the word 'girls' in the following testimonials - it is referring to the chooks, who we affectionately call 'the girls' until you find your own names for them!

Hi Greg, thanks again for doing such a fantastic job on our chook shed. Also thanks for the tips on pruning our fruit trees.

Laurie & Liz - Warrandyte

Thank you for building the chook house and veggie patch. The backyard is going to be much neater and the chooks should also be more settled. Loved the gardening and chook raising advice.

Mayur - Glen Waverley

Just a short note to thank you for our beautiful chickens that we picked up this morning .. and to let you know that after giving them a few hours of quiet time in their new home .. we were delighted and surprised this afternoon to find our very first egg! Thanks again for our gorgeous new girls.

Karen - Diamond Creek

Our veggie beds and chicken fence look fantastic! You did a fabulous job. We are so impressed. All the best and we will be recommending you to others.

Melanie - Blackburn

Very happy with our veggie beds thanks Greg, we've started replanting and we appreciate both the quality of your workmanship and how you cleaned up the site so well.

Paul - Fitzroy North

Thanks so much for my veggie garden. Am looking forward to planting. I so envy your ability and skill.

Lorraine - Doncaster East

Thank you, the chook shed is wonderful! I am very happy and I'm sure my chooks will be too. The structure is so solid and functional. I like the rust tin on the front.

Robyn - Healesville

Thanks so much Greg, we are absolutely wrapped with our chicken house and chickens!!

Nikki - Hurstbridge

I am very happy with the coop and run, and believe so will the chickens be when they arrive. It is sturdy and provides good shelter from wind and rain.  At this time of year warm and dry is so important and I think those features have been achieved.  The sun shines through the wire in the morning, and they will be able to greet the dawn, warm and dry.

Jill - Thornbury

Our chickens love the new house you built them. They're looking healthier and laying better since you built it. We love it!

Amy - Thornbury

Thank you for building us such a good chicken run: and an excellent repair of the roof beam in the chook house. 

Richard - Warrandyte

Thank you so much for the beautiful Deck! the more we look at it the more beautiful it becomes, just because of the angles and clean lines with different areas and levels to relax.

Kim - Warrandyte

Hi Greg, thanks for our lovely coop, and the extra special attention you gave to our chooks!

Priscilla - Eltham

Hi Greg, hope you and the business are going well. Our backyard is now finished. Everyone who visits just says "wow!". It looks amazing, so thanks again for all your hard work. The chickens (Shadow, Freckles & Walnut) are eating out of our hands now and we have been giving them some free range time on the weekends (which they love). We are very happy with all your hard work on the chook house, chook run, veggie beds and fruit tree cage and cannot thank you enough. Also the path looks amazing.

Marilyn - Ashburton

Hi Greg, thank you for your great customer service - we have posted photos on Facebook and given you a plug. Many thanks again.

Glenda - Coldstream

Hi Greg & Rebecca, we just wanted to thank you for our chooks that we bought from you last Saturday. The girls and ladies had a week to meet through the wire and we transferred the newbies (Chia & Blanche!) in with our other 2 on Friday night with no issues.


Hi Greg, we are loving the experience of caring for the Cochins that you raised for us. They have a lovely existence in our backyard and we really appreciate their inquisitive and friendly nature. Thank you!

Liz - Ivanhoe

Thanks Greg, we are SO happy with the chicken house, run & wood shed. I'll be in touch in spring re some additional chickens.

Sarah - Diamond Creek

Hi Greg, thanks so much for my new front fence, I love it, it looks gorgeous.

Dani - Kalorama

Hi Greg, the new chookies have settled in well and the older ones are much happier. Thank you for the beautiful work you did and for your sound advice on the care and welfare of the chooks - we appreciate this. The whole chook house & run that you built looks fantastic.

Anne-Marie - Mt Dandenong

Hi Greg, we picked up 6 cross breeds on the 30th July 2016 and just wanted to pass on that we have had chooks for over 35 years and these would be the most laid back friendly lot we have ever had and they started laying in 4 days.

Vic & Carloyn - Lilydale

Greg, the vegetable garden enclosures are wonderful, thank you, a pleasure to go and tend to them. The big one now has strawberry pots on the walls, hanging basket of tomatoes, and pots of vegies in the corners, a real garden room. Thanks.

Elaine - Cottlesbridge

Greg, just to repeat- much thanks from us both for your splendid help yesterday. Another year that we can continue the yummy garden happy growing, defying our age and wear!

Lyn - Kangaroo Ground

A great many thanks for your work and company yesterday. The whole family are thrilled with the new veg bed - plan is to plant our winter veg this weekend with the boys - getting some seedlings with them after school today. We'll be in touch soon -re chook coops.

Ned - Diamond Creek

Thanks Greg for your work building our ironbark veggie beds, they look great.

Simon - Thornbury

Thank you very much for your fantastic work building the chook house. We are very appreciative of what you have created for us and love it.

Diane - Mitcham

Greg, the vegetable beds look great. The staff are very happy and I'm sure when kinder comes back from holidays the kids will be loving planting and playing.

Kindergarten - Bulleen

Dear Greg, the garden has worked an absolute treat!  The produce has been amazing. Boxes of tomatoes, and everything else.  Currently picking beautiful eggplant and the pumpkins, which I planted in the berry patch for this year, have gone bezerk.  It is such a success and makes gardening so easy and successful. So thanks Greg, I appreciate what you have made. Also the chookhouse has coped well with the fox trying to dig its way in and the girls are very happy in their lovely house.  I get three beautiful eggs mostly every day. 

Ruth - Panton Hill

Hi Greg, just to let you know that the two girls I picked up last Saturday are going well and are laying well.  There was a bit of angst initially with a little bit of pecking from our existing Anconas however, that seems to have settled down and they are part of the mob. Great chooks. Thanks again.

Kevin - Drouin

Dear Greg, on behalf of Gina & myself we wish to thank you sincerely with our heartfelt thanks for your friendliness, honesty & reliability in carrying out what you say.  It's hard to find good trades people these days and was very pleased when Gina came up with you. We have no hesitations in recommending you to others. Plus our friends are impressed with the workmanship and Gina has put many pictures on her different blog sites and also gets a lot of positive feedback. Many thanks again Greg for a job well done.

Ken & Gina - Eltham

Hi Greg, the CAT community gardens looks fantastic. Thank you for the professional work.

Caterpillar - Tullamarine

I am so thrilled with the beds, thank you so much! We have planted some vegies already and the kids are very excited.

Claire - Eltham North

Thanks you so much it looks fantastic!! It was so nice to see when I came home. I've already sent photos to my friends and they can't believe how good it is!

Carloyn - Ringwood East

Just wanted you to know that the girls are enjoying their new home and have learnt how to use their roosting perches. Many thanks for a very functional and sturdy shed which also checks the aesthetic box too. I appreciated the ease of the process with which we accomplished the changeover from the old house to the new one. I will certainly recommend Yummy Gardens to others in the future.

Vicky - Ivanhoe

Thank you for your help, support, information and advice provided.... very much appreciated. Once again, thank you - you have done a great job!

Caterpillar -Tullamarine

Thanks for the super gardens beds.

Matt - Glen iris

Am so enjoying the vege patch. It makes everything so easy. Thanks for doing such a terrific job. Am gradually getting it planted out and look forward to a bountiful crop this year.

Ruth - Panton Hill

We're absolutely stoked with the chook house - thanks! Again, thanks, it's awesome.

Angus - Hurstbridge

Thanks again Greg. Definitely a most superior chook house compared with the previous structure

Amy - Ivanhoe

Hi Greg, very happy with the chook house.

Craig - Montmorency

Hi Greg, I am thrilled with the work, it looks fantastic.

Lee - Greensborough

Hi Greg, the vegie beds look great. Thank you for your assistance.

Marlene - Doncaster East

Dear Greg, I've been meaning to thank you but I've been so busy having fun with the chooks! We just love our chookshed and veggie gardens. In the 8 months since you designed & built them we've had delicious eggs every day, the veggies are all going nuts & we are really happy with everything. You managed to transform 2m x 18m of completely barren space into an incredibly productive little garden and home for the chooks. Thanks again for filling the veggie beds with such good quality compost - I've never grown such delicious & abundant veggies. We have had no issues with mice as the shed is so well built, the chooks have spent the winter very warm & dry & it has been great to be able to let them out each day since you sectioned off the veggie garden with the extra gate. No issues with foxes either as we've left the radio on when they are out as you suggested. The external access laying boxes are excellent too as we can even ask chook phobic friends to collect the eggs if we're away! You can have chooks in Kew. Cheers & thanks again.

Gerardine & Jonathan - Kew

Greg, thanks so much for your work today. We are so happy with the garden bed. I have been singing your praises on Facebook. Lovely to meet you and thanks again.

Ingrid - Preston

Hi Greg, we are very happy with our garden bed & the veggies are growing very well.

Sue - Brighton

Thanks for your lovely work again. It all looks great. Can't wait to get some veggies in the front.

Michelle & Claire - Coburg

Thanks Greg for the work you did setting up my veggie beds and pond. The whole area looks great, thanks so much, brilliant job as always.

Dani - Wantirna South

Thank you so much Greg for the great work you did on the loft.

Adam - Wallan

We recently purchased 3 chooks from you. Our new girls are lovely and have fitted in wonderfully. They are very healthy and good natured birds.

Simon & Janette - Heidelberg

Thank you so much for the coop, you did an amazing job. It is so well made and I feel like my girls are so safe. Thanks as well for all you advice, it has made things a lot easier given I've never had chickens before. I think we're going to have many happy years together!

Dani - Wantirna South

We love our new chook enclosure, you've done a fantastic job. The automatic solar door works perfectly.

Andre & Susan - Eltham

Thank you so much for your work. It's a super chook house that a in month of Sundays we would not have created had we attempted it all ourselves. Looks terrific.

Jane - Limestone

Thanks very much for your efforts. The chook house is fantastic and the chooks have kept us very entertained the last few days.

Chris - Eltham

Thanks for making such a wonderful chook house and outdoor run. The chooks are settling in well and giving us lots of enjoyment.

Fiona - Eltham

We are entirely happy with our veggie beds. Thank you for the great job and attention to detail in their construction on that wild and windy day.

Lyn - Kangaroo Ground

Thanks for your time today, our 2 lovely new hens have had a lovely time exploring their new home. They are such lovely social chooks (previous point of lay hens we have got have been so scared when we got them home, yours are so relaxed, obviously used to people/animals). Thought you might like to know you now have 2 much loved hens names after you "Greg & Rebecca". Thanks again

Karyn, Scott, Cameron, Holly & Lara - Ferntree Gully

Hi Greg, hope all is well. Thank you again for such an amazing hen house and run for my girls. They are such happy girls which love to talk. Every time they see us, they run over as fast as lightening, it's so funny. As they think another treat is coming. My Dad has become very attached to them also and he often hangs out with them while they are let out for a couple hours most days. My dog doesn't seem bothered by them which is great. They are all laying beautiful yummy eggs!

Dominika -Gisborne

Thanks for everything, the chook house and run are awesome. Very happy with it.

Darren - Riddels Creek

Hi Greg, the girls are happy in their new house, which looks very fine in my garden. Thank you.

Helen - Fitzroy

Thanks for the beautiful garden bed. It's already planted up!

Miyuki - Brunswick

Thanks again for all the work you've done on the chook house and compost bins. You've done a great job and it's been great to have you around. We've had several people admiring your work and I'm so glad we got you to do it instead of muddling our way through it.

Jenny - Wonga Park

The girls are more than happy with their new accommodation in the city. They have found the loft space to roost at night. Thanks again for your great service and wonderful chook house. We are really thrilled.

Jan - Mont Albert

Many thanks for the beautiful hen house.

Catie - Eltham

I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am with the chicken house and run. It's exactly what I was hoping it to be and it was a pleasure having Greg & Joel here for the 3 days. You do the most fantastic job.

Dominika - Gisbourne

Greg, the chook run looks fantastic - thanks very much 

Janine - Kallista

Greg from Yummy Gardens created raised veggie bed masterpieces in our backyard and filled them with some of the richest composted soil we've ever seen. Greg took care of all the planning with meticulous detail. He also modified our existing chicken house and yard lay out so as to be far more low maintenance than previously. We thoroughly recommend Greg and Yummy Gardens for any backyard project you have in mind.

John & Carol - Eltham

The girls were a little surprised to see me get in the chook house with them but quickly recovered when they saw I had treats for them. I can't wait to check them out tomorrow. I loved being able to throw a handful of seeds down for them and know they are busy, happy and safe scratching around. Thank you again.

Angela - Hesket

The veggie beds look great. I'll have to get a move on & sort out the rest of the yard now.

Sandra - Fawkner

I am just writing to tell you that the chicken house is great & working well beyond all our expectations. Easy to clean and the girls are in full swing laying approximately 18 eggs a week. We are really pleased with the end result which has made it a pleasure having the girls housed in a manageable and safe surrounding. Thank you once again for being so professional and informative.

Gary & Louis -Ashburton

The garden beds look fantastic. You've done a fantastic job. I'm extremely happy. I look forward to adding more in the future.

Belinda - Campbellfield

Thank you for all your hard work, we can't wait to plant out the veggie beds.

Meg & Luca - Thornbury

Just a note to say thanks for our new chook house. The girls moved in over the weekend and have settled in nicely. 

Melissa - Eltham

Once again, thank you for doing a great job on the chook house and providing two lovely hens. They look very happy and healthy in their new home.

Steph - Greensborough

We love our backyard and are enjoying it very much. Thanks

Karen & Angela - Northcote

Thanks again for your care and attention to the design and building of the chook house and run (and indulging me my "attention to detail") - I absolutely love it and clearly my first 3 chooks think so too.

Nadja - Lancefield

Thanks so much for our great chook house. I have been hard pressed to get my son out of it.

Sam - Yarraville

Thank you so much for the work you did setting up my veggie beds.

Gillian - Brunswick

The chickens have settled in nicely and the Australrop crosses have given us three eggs already. They are great to have. A few of my friends told me they are jealous - haha! Thank you once again, it is everything the way I like it to be. I have been recommending you to my friends - I cannot help it!!

Winnie - Balwyn

Greg, the chooks Alpha (Australorp), Bravo (Brahma) and Charlie (Rhode Island Red) have settled in really well. We are really impressed with you and the robust, beautiful house that you have built. The chooks feel very safe in their yard and ignore the dogs most of the time. When they hear me coming they run out and talk. Once again, thank you for your great design and bringing three beautiful chooks into my life.

Vicki - Fairfield

Greg, Thanks for coming back and completing the second stage of our backyard makeover by building us a chook house. Our chickens are really happy and I'm amazed at how beautiful they are. We've spent a nice relaxing weekend just watching them roam around the garden. You've done a fantastic job!

Sandra - Coolaroo

We are extremely happy with our new chicken villa which the neighbours have nicknamed the "Chicken Hilton". If we require any extensions or even a chicken retirement annexe at a later date we will not hesitate to contact you.

Mari & Rod - Gisbourne

Just wanted to say Thanks for the gardens beds - they're fabulous.

Eliza - Richmond

We are thrilled with the chook house and fence. Thanks Greg.

Caroline - Port Melbourne

I was extremely happy with the design and workmanship in respect of my vegie beds and also for the helpful advice so freely given by Greg. My friends are all full of praise as well. I am eagerly watching my plants turn into food. Very exciting!

Jacinta - Glen Iris

I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Greg in relation to the design, construction and planting out of several raised vegetable garden beds, along with the landscaping of my backyard. I found Greg to be extremely organised, polite and hardworking. Greg is an honest and reliable person and an expert in his field.

Sandra - Coolaroo

Greg from Yummy Gardens built a chicken home for our pet chickens earlier this year. He made numerous practical suggestions and the house fits seamlessly into our back garden. It is attractively designed, solidly built and much loved by our free range chooks. We were so impressed by Greg's work that we asked him to build some wooden vegetable boxes recently. He made them from quality wood and again gave insightful suggestions into their design. Greg carried out the works reliably, with careful consideration to detail and was always a pleasure to deal with.

Jenny - Elsternwick

Greg, thanks for the great job you did on the landscaping and the vegetable garden you installed. Even though the veggie garden has only been in for 5 weeks I have already started picking bits and pieces for salads. It looks great and I am the envy of a couple of my neighbours

Karen - Mill Park

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the herb garden you installed for me. It is great having fresh herbs right outside the back door where I have easy access from the kitchen and I am already using them in my cooking. I'm glad you recommended installing it where we did and we will be getting you back to put in vegie garden later this year.

Natalie - Ringwood

I've always wanted to live in the country and grow my own vegetables but at this point in my life it is not a realistic goal. I often thought my normal quarter acre block to be small but Yummy Gardens designed and created a fantastic edible garden for me. Now I have my chooks, veggies and a couple of fruit trees and could not be happier.
Thank you so much.

Betty - Blackburn

Thanks heaps for the fantastic job you did on our new chook house. The kids are having a great time with the chickens and cannot wait to go outside to see how many eggs we have. It’s amazing how yellow the egg yolks are compared to the ones we used to buy from the supermarket and they taste great. You were really helpful right from the start and we will certainly be recommending you.

Peter & Mary - Doncaster East

Thanks Greg for such a great job with the new vegie beds. You did a fantastic job here today. I am delighted.

Claude - Croydon

Thanks very much Greg, Alan has planted out the vegie beds and the whole area is looking so beautiful. Thanks again.

Alan and Jodie- Heidelberg Heights

Hi Greg, Thank you again for the vegie beds and the fruit trees, it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Mara - Preston West

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