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Yummy Gardens are passionate about growing our own chemical free fruit and vegetables and chook keeping and encourage self-sufficiency in your own backyard.

Have you ever thought about being able to grow and eat your own nutritious fruit and veggies grown naturally and free from herbicides and pesticides? Once you have eaten your own fresh and tasty fruit and vegetables home grown in your backyard you will wonder why you have not been growing your own before now.

Veggie Garden Yummy Gardens Melbourne

You don't need a large amount of room to build a raised veggie bed garden. We prefer to use Cypress Macrocarpa timber which is long lasting, naturally termite resistant and contains no chemical nasties. We can help you grow fresh produce with our sustainable, untreated raised bed kits ready for you to put together or cypress sleepers so you can custom build to suit your own size requirements.

How about going that one step further towards self-sufficiency and keep some chooks which will provide you with fresh eggs throughout the year. You can’t get any fresher than going out to the hen house and getting a couple of eggs for your breakfast. Chooks also make great pets; they are terrific with children and are very easy to look after. 

We have chooks for sale throughout the year. 

How Can Yummy Gardens Help You?

  • sell you the chickens to get started
  • sell ethically sourced Cypress Macrocarpa sleepers
  • sell Cypress Macrocarpa veggie bed kits for you assemble

We welcome you to Contact Us online or phone Greg on 0431 382 230 with your inquiry today.

We welcome you to Contact Us online or phone Greg on 0431 382 230 with your enquiry today.

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getting started with chooks

Getting Started with Chooks ..

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