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Yummy Gardens breed a variety of purebred chickens.

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Purebred Chooks

Australorp Utilities

Australorp Utilities are a medium size placid Black chook which make them ideal for backyards compared to the large show bird variety. They are not aggressive to other birds and are extremely docile. They can be handled by children and are a very handsome bird. They have an exceptionally soft, shiny black plumage which has hints of green in the sunlight. The Australorp Utilities also lay more eggs than the large show bird variety. Peaceful and dignified, Australorps are an absolutely delightful bird which we highly recommend.

Silkie Bantams

Silkie Bantams at Yummy Gardens Melbourne

Silkie bantams come in many colours. Silkie feathers lack the barbs which normally hold the strands together which gives them a soft, hairy feathered look unlike most other chooks. They generally only lay about 100 eggs a year. They are very docile attractive little chooks with great personalities and are fantastic for children. They do go broody and make excellent mothers or foster mums for other chook eggs and chickens. 


Cochins are a large breed with distinctive plumage and a profusion of soft feathering particularly on the feet, which gives them a large round plump appearance. They make great companions and pets because of their calm, quiet and gentle temperament. They are approachable and get along with people well. They are extremely broody and stubborn mums and will sit for long periods of time even if there are no eggs. They like to roam around the yard but they cannot fly very well because of their size. Cochins lay a medium size egg in comparison to body size. Cochins lay on average 3 – 5 eggs per week.

Crested Cream Legbars

Crested Cream Legbars at Yummy Gardens Melbourne

Crested Cream Legbars are a medium sized, low maintenance, friendly and quite sociable bird. They are excellent foragers and love to free range in a secure area. They lay an average of 4 pale blue medium sized eggs a week which equates to around 230 per year. They do have a tendency to get picked on in a mixed flock so they either need to be kept separate or with docile birds.

Light Sussex Bantams

Light Sussex Bantans Yummy Gardens Melbourne

Light Sussex Bantams are a sweet little chook with a calm and placid nature that make great pets and are good with children. They are excellent layers averaging about 230 eggs per year and often continue producing eggs throughout the winter.

Guinea Fowl

Pearl Guinea Fowl at Yummy Gardens Melbourne

Guinea Fowl can be a great addition to your flock if you have acreage as they do roam quite a distance. They are great flyers when needed and can jump quite high making fences irrelevant. They eat ticks and are known for keeping mice, rats and snakes away. They won’t go after your garden like chooks but they will dig holes for dust baths. They lay small and quite hard-shelled eggs that are pointed on one end. The eggs have a large yolk compered to the white and are quite rich.  They make great alarm systems alerting you to strange animals or people on your property. At times they can be loud (sometimes very loud). They move as a pack which is quite fascinating to watch but if one gets separated from the flock you will hear about it until they find each other again.

Pearl Legbars

Pearl Legbar

Pearl Legbars have similar traits to their ancestors the Crested Cream Legbars except that they are lavender in colour. They lay approximately 230 pastel blue eggs per year however like the Crested Cream Legbars occasionally a very small number of hens will lay a tan egg. They are easy going social hens and love to forage and hunt insects.

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We welcome you to Contact Us online or phone Greg on 0431 382 230 with your enquiry today.

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